Signal Boosting Cell Phone Case

Frustrated by having to crouch in a window at home to receive decent signal coverage, mJoose CEO Daniel Ash was on a mission to deliver an affordable, consumer friendly solution to solve the weak signal issue.

Introducing mJoose technology. The mJoose 3-in-1 case, developed by MoJoose, Inc. a California-based accessory designer and manufacturer, ensures smartphone users stay connected by solving the world-wide weak cell signal challenge. Their patented breakthrough signal-amplifying technology helps deliver a reliable cellular connection with every call. The smallest, most affordable signal-amplifying device of its kind, mJoose picks up where a regular cell signal ends. Their flagship products are Apple and Samsung smartphone protective cases including a battery extender but soon will extend their product across smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many wired communication devices improving a detectable cell signal two to five bars.






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