Home Chef

Meal Kit Delivery Box

Home Chef was founded with a simple goal: to provide customers with a delightful home cooking experience. Their founder, Pat Vihtelic, and his wife found it hard to make time to prepare home cooked dinners after work. Pat discovered that online grocery services only solved part of the problem — he still had to think about what was for dinner, and didn’t have time to comb the internet for recipes. More often than not, he was overwhelmed by the prospect of meal planning, and resorted to takeout. Stealth joined the Home Chef team in late 2015 to help formalize their marketing infrastructure and facilitate a transition between an outgoing CMO and their desire to build a world class team in-house. Tasked with solving complex technical tracking, attribution and customer acquisition issues while accelerating growth, Stealth took Home Chef from spending hundreds of dollars a day to spending tens of thousands and eventually a seven figure, profitable monthly ad spend that catalyzed their market position and 5x’d their annual run rate. Home Chef was acquired by Krogers in May of 2018 for up to a $700M valuation.