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Venture Lab Noun — ven·ture lab \’ven(t)-shər lab\
A place where entrepreneurial ideas and dreams are incubated, molded and accelerated.


Stealth Venture Labs exists to incubate, launch and grow online subscription brands.

Through establishing deep, operational partnerships with all of our portfolio companies, we focus on building scalable business foundations rooted in operational expertise, data science, analytics, full funnel digital marketing and the creation of compelling value propositions. In a nutshell, we roll up our sleeves, work with you in the trenches and accelerate growth. We are not an agency — we are not a VC — we are a venture lab. What that means is that we leverage our in-the-trenches operational experience, world class full-time team and robust business network to massively accelerate the growth of startups from pre-revenue to multi-million dollar run rates.



While we have worked with just about every business model out there, we are true experts at subscription commerce and B2C software-as-a-service. These business models provide the strongest CAC to LTV ratio while providing the strongest financial returns for all involved.


We specialize in full funnel, growth marketing — whether it be the first dollars spent on customer acquisition or managing $1M+/ month media budgets, Stealth has done it all. Effective growth marketing is like a math equation, the order of operations of what you do first matters in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Concept Development

From our years of experience working with thousands of brands, Stealth has developed a proprietary methodology of helping entrepreneurs find product market fit with their concepts. Often times the slightest tweak can make all the difference in a multi-million dollar business and total failure.

Integrated Partnership

Building a strong foundation for the business, both operationally & digitally, is a critical success factor to scaling any venture. We’ve done this many times over and our portfolio companies get the benefit of learning from our past successes and failures alike, helping them avoid roadblocks, speed bumps and land mines.


Serial entrepreneurs

...AND world class marketers, Stealth is comprised of a crew of entrepreneurial thinkers who are best of breed in their field.

Ryan Wood Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood
Head of Growth

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Brent Freeman Brent Freeman

Brent Freeman
Founder, President & CEO

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Evan Padgett Evan Padgett

Evan Padgett
General Manager and Partner

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Here’s some of the work we’ve done and partners we’ve worked with both in the past and present day.

Monthly Succulent Subscription Box

Subscription Box Conference

Bond with your little ones, one book at a time.

Murder & Mystery Monthly Subscription Box

Athleisure Subscription Box

A Box of Beach-inspired Apparel and Accessories

Home Cooking Made Simple

Your Personal Style Caddie

Clothing Engineered for Men



100 Million Generated (Dollars)
500 Thousand Customers (Acquired)
250 Thousand Ads (Launched)
532 Shots of Espresso (Downed)



The following 5 criteria are what we look for in a concept to create the perfect partnership with passionate entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and brands in our career and have boiled down the common denominators of successful online brands into these 5 New Venture Criteria.

1. Passionate Interest Group Image

1. Passionate Interest Group

The passionate interest group must be clearly defined and validated as a market that people fervently identify with and get excited about. Good examples are Yoga, Golf, & Surfing, but there are thousands of other passionate interest groups out there as well. Be careful to not get too generic with the interest group or you risk creating a product that nobody really identifies with.

2. Scale Potential

The interest group must have a critical mass that it reaches who call themselves members. If the interest group is too narrow, shallow or niche then success is greatly limited. You may have a group of passionate under-water-basket-weavers that are fervent about their trade, but if there are only 100 of them in the entire world, then your doomed from the beginning to create a sustainable business serving their needs.

2. Scale Potential Image
3. Unique Product Offering

3. Unique Product Offering

The product offered must have unique benefits built within its value proposition that the passionate interest group instantly identifies with and likes. This is the emotional connection component where sales are made. Examples: Watches made of wood, galaxy pattern yoga pants, DIY beer kits.

4. Compelling Unit Economics

The economics for the customer make sense and be attractive for them to get them to take action. Additionally, the unit economics for the company must make sense so that they can run promotions, sell into multiple channels and still have a great blended profit margin. If prices are too high for customers, nobody will buy. If margin is too low for the company, you’ll never be able to support a paid growth engine or get to cash flow positive without tremendous pain or expense.

4. Compelling Unit Economics Image
5. Solves a Market Pain Image

5. Solves a Market Pain

If the product does not solve a pain in the market, the adoption rate of the product will be significantly reduced. Whatever is being offered becomes a “nice-to-have” not a “must-have.” All successful brands have “solved a pain” in the market. So many passionate entrepreneurs forget this fundamental rule of entrepreneurship because they have fallen in love with their idea — if it’s a “nice-to-have” your conversion rates will be too low and your CPA’s will skyrocket.

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